Welcome to WebMail. Easily the IMAP mail is accessed and it is possible to manage from the Web browser.
Notes on use.
Personal computer version manual
Mobile version manual

Log in
Please input the Emailaddress and the password, and push the log in button.
LanguageThe menu and the processing message are displayed in the language.
ModeIt can select mobile version or browser version.

JavaScript operates even if it is invalid but it becomes impossible to use a left menu.Please operate it by an upper menu.
INBOXThe inbox is displayed.
New mailIt opens mail creation screen.
RetrievalIt opens retrieval screen of the inbox.
SentIt opens outbox.
TransferIt transmits to the email address to which URL of this site was input.
HordeAn initial screen of WebMail is displayed.
Address bookRegistration, the edit, the deletion, and the retrieval screen of the address book are opened.
OptionThe each login person's detailed setting can be done.
LogoutTo log out.

Contents of the inbox are displayed when logging it in.Email is displayed with the header of each email (sender, title, and size on the message status and the transmission day).It permutes by the row when each column name is clicked and it is displayed.
When you press the link "delete e-mail" or "e-mail view" does not change, JavaScript is disabled because the setting is, "JavaScript enabled to" how to enable it please.
Please click the subject of mail when you display the content of mail.The mail is displayed.
if you change the order it will show the same when the next time. If the Options -> Email Options -> Default sort / sort direction of different, because in order to re-sort the display change may take some time to appear.
Moreover, it might take time to the thread display when there are a lot of numbers of mail.

Email display
The content of the selected mail is displayed in the mail display.Here, the reply of the confirmation of the attached file and mail, the deletions, and the following mails can be displayed.

New mail
Email can be sent by some methods.You click New mail or you may want to email reply.Both are the same Compose screen. In the creation screen, the address of the recipient's e-mail (sent your opponent), the title and enter the body.The item (To: The title : the address if necessary) in the upper part of the screen is input, and Write the text to the large box at the bottom. After mail is written, the spelling can be checked. When you finished writing, push the "send" button, and mail is sent.

You can search your inbox. Please input the condition and click "Execution" button.

Sent Outbox
You can check your mail sent from webmail.Mail until 30 days ago is preserved. Will be deleted automatically after 30 days.

Transfer URL forwarding
Send the URL of the login site to the email address.It is useful to send to your phone

Right at the top of the Add Content button to click, you can add your favorite content.

Address book
My address bookThe name of the address book can change.A new address book can be made.
BrowsingThe list of the address of each address book is opened.
New where to make contactThe email address is registered in the address book.
RetrievalSearch within your address book.
In/outAn outside address book can be taken, and the address book be output for the external.

Common optionYou can set your personal information, including hours and locations.
Address bookYou can set the display and address book.
Mobile EmailYou can specify how to display text display e-mail.
E-mailThe display method of the inbox outbox can be specified.The number displayed on each page etc. are reflected in a mobile version.